Berber Rugs?

Berber Rugs?

The only time you will ever read the word "Berber" on this website is now on this blog post. The word derives from the Latin-Greek word barbarous, meaning barbarian. It's a colonial term that was used by the Romans to call the indigenous people of Northern Africa. It was then adapted by the Arabs and the French.

Personally, it doesn't sit right with me at all to use a term - although commonly used, that is oppressing and dishonorable by nature.  A term that stems from a violent history against their identity.

Why we say Amazigh Rugs

Words create meaning. And we choose the word, as they call themselves: Amazigh, or Imazighen (plural), meaning Free Humans. The Imazighen are the very soul behind each rug we sell. In honor of their legacy and in respect of who they are we choose to call our rugs either Moroccan Rugs or Amazigh Rugs. The latter, we prefer.

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