A Moroccan Rugs Trade Platform

A Moroccan Rugs Trade Platform

Direct Trade Platform

You might have heard about it: we are developing a direct trade platform.

After traveling through Morocco the past two years and building relationships with weaving families we are co-creating a direct trade platform. That means that Romaisas will not only offer exclusive made to order collections, but also offer a platform in which the Artisans can offer their rugs. There is still a lot of work to be done.

All this wouldn't have been possible without all the local heroes assisting with paper works and being in continuous contact with the communities. 


As you can imagine it can be quite complex involving Artisans who live in caves and live very remote without a smart phone. That we also don't want to give them, because we truly see the beauty of how they live. Can you imagine living without Social Media, a TV, internet? If you can.. then I encourage you to try it for a week. And write me how you experienced that. I've done the same and it felt deliberating. 

For this group we will still have the yearly LIVE Pop Sales.

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