Co-creating with Amazigh Women

Co-creating with Amazigh Women

During my studies in Social Innovation, "co-creation" was a main topic. Through Romaisas I want to co-create with Amazigh women and give others, like you, the honor and opportunity to do the same. 

"Co-creation is an active, creative and social process, based on collaboration between users and producers initiated by the firm to generate unique value." (adapted from Humphreys, Samson, Roser and Cruz-Valdivieso)

What that means?

- We see the women not merely as suppliers, but as architects of their community. And we build long lasting relationships with them, facilitating where needed.

- We offer opportunities for you to co-create a rug not merely by simple means of customization, but through the art of communicating your story with them. Learn more

- We always pay the asking price, or more and never negotiate lower prices. On top of that 10% of our income, yes before taxes is reinvested into rural Moroccan areas.

In this way, I want to ensure that also Amazigh women and families achieve financial freedom and help each other grow and invest for generations to come while gifting the world with their art.

Therefore buying a rug from us goes far beyond just that. Buying a rug from us, means you will get to be part of a life changing story that will bring education, equality and liberation to generations of Amazigh families.

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