Collection: Calm & Classic Collection

Here's to some calm in a noisy world.

In our Calm & Classic collection you'll find our high pile (3 cm | 1.5 in) Noble Moroccan Rugs with minimalist and simple design for a timeless look.

All the rugs in this collection or made in M'rirt, and area that is known for their premium quality rugs

  • denser knotted than other Moroccan Rugs
  • washed up to 5 times compared to only 1 time.
  • take min. twice as much wool as other Moroccan Rugs
  • soft feel

The rugs are made to order in your custom size and preferred colors. Please contact us for more information. 

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From M'rirt, Khenifra

All the rugs in this collection are made in M'rirt in the Provence of Khenifra. The rugs from these region are also known as noble rugs as they are particularly densely knotted with double knots and made from exceptional wool quality.

M'rirt rugs continue to adorn interior designers and fine connoisseurs by their extremely warm, soft and long piles.

They are the most expensive due to the high quality and the quantity of the wool we use.

If you look for a natural rug that feels heavenly to walk on, then M'rirt rugs are meant for you.

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