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Tehlit 165 x 65 cm | 2'1" x 5'5"

Tehlit 165 x 65 cm | 2'1" x 5'5"

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Tehlit, meaning: "you are beautiful".

This beautiful kilim/hanbel is hand knotted  over the course of a year. Slowly tiny bits everyday. Hafifa used the finest wool to weave this rug. This wool is from the neck area of the sheep, which is just a tin bit and the sheep are sheared once a year in may when it starts to get very hot in Morocco. The color comes from saffron flowers and madder roots.

You know what I love about this rug? The lower left corner runs a bit outward. It reminds me that beauty isn’t about perfection. So if you love this rug, love the beauty of nature, then please als embrace and love yourself fully. I hope this rug will be a daily reminder of that.

  • flat weave
  • very unique color blend, I've only seen one so far.
  • 100% soft high quality sheep wool from the Atlas Mountains
  • 100% natural dyed - 0 chemicals used in the making of this rug
  • rare find. rugs that are slow made with ancestral methods are harder to find as time goes by and are likely to increase in value over time.
  • made to last generations


  • 100% natural wool and 100% organic spice dyed, which means there will be natural (and beautiful) variations in pattern and color. This could be considered an asset as it adds value to the final product. There is never the exact same rug as yours. 
  • Wool shrinks! While we do our best, final sizes can vary by 2-10 cm/1-4" depending also on the size of the rug.
  • Please note continuous sun exposure will cause fading as seen on vintage rugs.
  • Estimated shipping 3-7 days.


You like this rug and you want to personalize it. Tell us more about yourself: woman to woman.  What makes you happy? What are your hobbies? What do you long for?  And based on that the Artisan will weave the patterns and symbols, communicating with you through the art of weaving rugs.

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Will my rug be exactly as shown in the pictures?

No. Each phone/computer has different screen settings so the colors are likely to look not the exact same.

We think Moroccan rugs are more beautiful than shown on a monitor/display. 

Natural wool has an intriguing way to dance in with the sun light and mesmerize you every time. It's beauty that can't be captured.

Each rug is made entirely by hand so there will always be variations in pattern and color, but we strive to accurately capture the detail and color so you know what you are getting.

How do I take care of my rug?

We recommend unpacking the rug once it’s delivered. This will help minimize any creases or marks from the rug being rolled up. The rug will need to settle for a few days before any crease is removed from the shipping process.

Washing and spot cleaning

To extend the life of your rug, have it professionally washed once a year. In Morocco, the families shake the rugs outside weekly to clean them. This is the traditional and easy way you can replicate in your own home. 

If you ever need to spot clean your rug, do so as soon as possible with lukewarm water and a little natural soap. If the stains are stubborn, we recommend using professional cleaning service. 

Vacuum cleaning

Romaisas rugs are made from 100% natural wool fibers, this means, they will shed. Regular vacuuming of your rug at home in the first couple of weeks will help reduce shedding and eliminate it completely over time. Vacuum your rug in a side-topside motion to protect its fibers.

Feel free to flip the rug and vacuum the reverse side to get anything that is deep in the piles as well.

Rotating your rug

In our homes, sunlight can effect the coloring on fabrics and furniture, including rugs. We recommend you to rotate your rug every 3 months to help maintain an even shade. 

Do I pay import taxes?

Import taxes may apply for those customers who reside outside the European Union or the United States.

Do I need an anti-slip mat?

We recommend an anti-slip underlay for all our flat weave rugs.