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Pouf Oasis 3

Pouf Oasis 3

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Upcycled Pouf, handmade in Azilal from Boujaad rugs.

Approximate dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 20cm | 24 in x 24 in x 8 in

Material: wool 

Filling: For the the filling we use an inner cushion filled with foam pieces.
We only ship with filling in the Netherlands. 

How to fill your pouf?

Polyether flakes
This is a shredded residual material of custom-cut blocks of polyether foam. I recommend getting the pre-filled pillows, the flakes are very static and tend to cling to everything except the inside of your pouf :) Get your pillow slightly larger than your pouf size, if you can’t find the exact size you need use multiple cushions.

How to fill your pillow?

Most of us have an Ikea nearby, the INNER inner cushions have the right consistancy to stuff your pillow.

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Made in Azilal

The first Artisans we met, are from Azilal. Azilal region is known for their colorful and playful rugs. We love the people here and we love working with them. Our vision for this community is to co-create inclusive collections with affordable products.